Somewhere between dancing with baby, nearly falling off the couch, finding the biggest hair ball in the world, and finding the cat in the closet, the house is beginning to look better. 🙂


I really hadn’t planned on doing a lot today, I usually don’t anymore. Housewife fail #1.

I’m not really consistent at putting clothes away, after they’ve been washed. Housewife fail #2.

I have a hard time keep things in order, lets face it…we don’t have the proper storage. Housewife fail/excuse #3.


But today, I got motivation, inspiration and a virtual butt whooping from a friend.  You know who you are! Thank you!


I started out with moving some clothes around to the spare closet, to make more room for our general clothes. That’s where I found the cat, he’d been locked in one closet as the door shut on him.   That lead me to just start gathering clothes on the bed and hanging them up, and gleaning through them to toss the old, ratty, doesn’t fit me anymore variety.  That’s where I danced with baby, but maybe that should read, I woke baby up! 😉  That went out to the trash bin along with the actual trash from the kitchen, which lead to putting dishes away and cleaning the sink.


After resting for a bit, I decided to put some of the tools back in the closet so I could vacuum, and hang up some coats, as the tools were in front of the door. 😦  Well I knew the vacuum needed a once over, so I cleaned it. Including the filter, which I’d forgotten since Methuselah walked the earth, apparently. That’s when I found the giant hair ball from Mars. After dealing with that mess, I vacuumed. And fell back in love with my machine again! *hugs it tightly* No wonder it didn’t do it’s job, poor thing couldn’t breath!

Then of course after a break, I needed to put some new curtains up, since I’d found my Grandma’s curtains in amongst the clothes I’d hung up. So The older ones came down, and the new one went up. Cue almost falling off the couch, a few times!  Then…because I was up there, I took down the drapes. Finian’s hair was covering them in some areas. Those landed in the wash, which I’m currently waiting for, while I…you guessed it, Rested. 🙂


It seems that is my cleaning style. Start with one thing, and it just leads to more, and more. I need a timer next time.  Maybe it’ll help me stay focused better.


What is your cleaning style? Grazer, shock n awe, perfectionist, I’ll get to it tomorrow, What cleaning?


Oh and that housewife score is now Fail:3 Win: 4, 5, 6 something like that! 😉


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