What Did You Say, Honey?

The TV is on, the laptop is glowing and the earplugs are in. 

5 screens are open on any given computer.

So much information, so much distraction.

Where is the marriage? Where is the connection?

We can’t avoid media these days, but are there ways to limit this media invasion into our lives? Is there ‘good’ in media? Over at Women Living Well, Courtney is exploring that very thing. She’s encouraged her readers to do the same, and link up.

In my own home, we’ve cut our cable connection out. It’s a small step, but it’s a step. We are guilty of plugging into our separate internet worlds for hours on end.  Very brief moments of verbal communication happen, and it’s usually, “What did you say, honey?” as the attention and focus is on the next screen click, the next sound alert, not the tone and cadence of our beloved.

Is it any wonder, that miscommunications happen, that marriages ‘drift’ apart and end? Without the constant attention, nurturing and vigilance, anything can happen. You have to WORK at a successful marriage, it doesn’t just happen one day, and stay perfect forever.

Media does have the ability to bless a marriage. You can glean ideas and encouragement form others online.  How to make a home, a home. New recipes to delight the taste buds and nose. On the list goes.

In my own marriage, I have claimed the desire to focus on my home, and my husband. But my follow through? It’s a little lacking! I jump online to check emails, and 3-4 hours later I’m surfing the net, on Facebook, reading others blogs, etc. *Time management is a must here!*

My goal for this week?

Put the laptop down, focus on my home and husband. Do something everyday, with intentions for blessing both.

What goals would you set, or have you set?


P.S. Since last week, I have spend more mornings with God, than without Him. In His word, letting it bless me, teach me, grow me. I pray it continues.

Edited to add:

I’ve just taken Facebook off of my phone, and eliminated my text alerts from FB as well. Step 2 in weaning myself off of media/distractions! The first being, no cable.


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