Super Fast Pasta Bake – No kidding it IS fast!

So a friend, and fellow blogger, posted on Facebook a link for a food blog. I can be lost on those blogs for hours, more so now that I’m pregnant! I was kinda looking to see if I could make anything from it, not really thinking I could. We’re kinda bare around here! But, as luck would have it, I DID find a yummy looking recipe that I could slightly adjust for us! 🙂  (Make sure you check out Real Mom Kitchen for her awesome looking recipes! I can’t wait to try more.)

Here are a few pictures from the Super Fast Pasta Bake:

Just getting ready to pull it from the oven, doesn’t it look yummy?!

I really couldn’t wait to dig into it!!!

Look at that! My mouth is still watering 😉

Gotta have the up close and personal type picture. Too bad they haven’t invented scratch n sniff!

This is a must make! Enjoy, my friends.



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