Bed Rest

Bed rest.

The two words most people don’t want to hear, especially when it involves them. Like, ever. Yet, I’m on bed rest now, until baby J makes his appearance. Which will hopefully, God willing, NOT be until November sometime.


Why, you might ask, do I get to enjoy bed rest? Is it my health? Or the babies health?

Yes and no. I have no reason to be on bed rest, but am on it as a precaution. I’m trying to look at this with my humor, determination, and stubbornness. Its for my health, and Jeremiah’s health, that I do this, and do it well. No cutting corners, nothing like that. I’m also praying that I don’t become intolerable to those around me, and they have been told they have permission to whack me, or something like that, if I DO become a brat.

It’s a good thing that I have a few hobbies which are conducive to bed rest.  I’ve been meaning to read a few more books, and make a few more cards. 🙂 Write a few more blogs, more often. Get into my Bible more.


Today is day one of bed rest. It already tested my tongue. Husband had to pack for his Army trip to Utah, and then also pack me up to go stay with my Mom while he’s gone. That meant that some chores needed to be done, and the kitty cat loved on, and taken care of as well. It’s hard to have people do things, when you’re the one used to doing them. It really is. I’m the independent sort, no kidding right? So it just feels a bit more difficult to deal with at this point. But I keep reminding myself, to hangith thou in there baby…one day at a time, one minute at a time.

This will test me, and those around me, I’m sure. Not that I have a choice in the challenge, but dare I say…bring it on? God is with me, I have a good support group, and a great reason to stick to it.


Pray for all of us, that we might survive this lovely time of growth and adjustment!




4 thoughts on “Bed Rest

  1. Peggy, you are one of the strongest people I know in this world. If anyone can do it, for baby J it’s you and you will do it with grace. Spend as much time as you can talking to your boys, telling them all about each other…. idea….. you can start a journal if you haven’t already lol for baby J of all the things that go on and that he does so that one day when he’s grown you can give it to him 🙂

  2. You will do great I just know it! I like the journal idea as well. I was on bed rest for the last part of my pregnancy with Alexis. It lasted for a day and I went into labor, haha! But I was 8 months, so it was ok. I hope yours goes better girlie! Take care of yourself, and little J!

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