Baby update!

It’s been awhile, almost a month actually! So here goes.


I have gestational diabetes, but am managing it well! Jeremiah is measuring right on with my dates, and is still the active little martial artist. He is head down most of the time, so I get to enjoy the pressure ‘down there’ and the kicks up high.  I’ve lost some weight, which was the plan, since the fear of big babies seems to make the medical world all twitchy and such. My blood pressure also remains in great shape, thank God.

Now for the part that I’ll try not to be too feisty about.

My experiences with the current practice haven’t been the rosiest, to say the least. Lots of miscommunications and wrong diagnosis’ have made me feel a bit combative with each visit.  Because of my previous history of pre-eclampsia and being over weight and having gestational diabetes, seems to make some jump to conclusions faster than they should be. I’m afraid I’ve failed at the whole, being calm part of being pregnant.  Unfortunately my first instincts are to see red and go in fighting, imagine that. 😉  But yesterday I practiced being calmer, and nicer (at least in my head). God IS in control , as He always has been. Sometimes I just forget that, and like the pitbull I am, keep pushing.

Just have to take it one day at a time, and do my best everyday, while praying that God allows us to go full term and remain healthy. God’s plan is good, no matter what it turns out to be.


In His hands,




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