Wanting to Write, But…

I have been meaning to blog for some time now.


I really have.


But every time I decide to open my blog up to tap away at my keys…Jeremiah demands my attention. He’s a cheeky fella, and loves the faces Mommy makes. I think he secretly love his Mommy’s kisses too, even though he makes funny faces when I do!

I’m enjoying my time with him, seeing his faces, getting to know his little personality. I can’t wait to see what sticks around and see how opinionated he will be. Because, as my son, I’m 100% sure he will be full of thoughts and opinions on everything. 🙂

Doesn’t he look like he’s got something to say, already?! 🙂

I do have more to say, but I am being summoned by J!!


In His hands,




Speak To Me, I Enjoy Your Thoughts!

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