I Need More Hands!

Sorry for the random type posts lately! It’s hard to blog/write one handed…I have a lil tag-a-long named Jeremiah! He loves to be held, but doesn’t love the Moby wrap, it doesn’t let him move and wiggle like a worm.

I have missed writing, and have many ideas for posts, but haven’t been able to sit down and write them out!

(Right now, he just woke up screaming! Will put this on hold, be back soon! Wheeeeewww…I laid him down, thinking he was hungry, and he passed out in the bouncer!)

I think the best idea I’ve had, is to budget time to write. Just an hour a day, an hour that Daddy gets to take care of lil J-man for me!!! Woohooo, I’m good!


Okay this is SUCH a randomly weird post, hope your day is going well!!!



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