About Me

Married: Almost 3 years!

Children: 1 in heaven, 1 on Earth

Interests: Christ Jesus, faithful living, Proverbs 31 woman to all those around me, making a home.

Blogging: I love writing, and interacting with my readers! So please, take full advantage of those lovely comment boxes, Facebook sharing buttons and more.

What Makes Me An Expert? We learn from living life, and I know I learn from reading about others experience. So my hope and desire is to share my learning triumphs, and ‘failures’ with you!  I know personally about infant loss, as our first son passed away from SIDS at just 5 months of age. I am learning to be a better follower of Christ, a loving wife, a happy homemaker and an expectant mother once again. I’m becoming an expert through living life!

Contact Me: 

Find me on Facebook at: Contemplations of a Housewife.

Leave a comment here!

Or email me at:    psnewmommie09@gmail.com


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