Welcome, 2012!!

The new year as rolled over, and as we change out our calenders, update our files and put away our party fun, I’m sure some of us are also reflecting.

Reflecting on last year, (which was just yesterday), reflecting on this year. Many of us make resolutions, and most of us has tossed them to the side before January is even over. So I challenge you, those of you who’ve made some promise to yourself, that this year…you’ll stick to at least one resolution. I’ve made plenty of them, but I’ll consider a success if just one lasts until December 31, 2012. I know I know…life gets in the way, right?  Well you bet it does, but we can still accomplish so much, when a mind is set to it. So get to settin!

I can’t wait to see what 2012 holds for my family and I. I ask you to join us on our journey, by following along via my blog, or facebook page. Both of which I aim to keep up with more often!

In His Hands,



John 14:1-3

 1 “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. 2 In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.


I wasn’t going to…but here it is – 2012 Goals!

I wasn’t going to join the Goal club, but I in the end, couldn’t resist writing out a few of my 2012 goals.

In no particular order:

1. Blog/write more frequently

2. Be more active and become fit

3. Organize our home so that everything has a place

4. Make, follow and stick to a budget

5. Work on loving Christs way, starting at home with my family

6. Study my Bible daily

7. Make a dent in our debt

8. Making my Scentsy business pay for itself and then some

9. Keep up on Jeremiah’s scrapbook

10. Make great memories!

Some of those are frivolous, some are not. Every list should have some fun, frivolous type ‘To Dos’ on it!!!

What is on your list?!

In His Hands,


PS. I thought of a few more!

Take more photographs

Take my camera with me everywhere

Make something from my pinterest weekly!

What do sleepless, thunder filled nights and a sewing group trip have in common?

It all happened in one day!

Last night was a wild and crazy night! I do believe the whole valley was under lightning and thunder for most of it. Not just your regular lightning for us tho. About midnight, we had a big flash followed by a clash, about 1 second afterwards. Lots of strobe light action going on in the meantime! I almost felt like we could have installed a disco ball, and break out the hustle.

Then about 2:30 (ish) was THE biggest, baddest, loudest, made me jump out of my knickers, lightning and thunder combo. There was NO delay between light and sound.

None. Naaaada! Yup, you heard me. N O N E.

That was the closest to being ‘scared’ during a thunder-storm, since I can remember. And that’s pretty serious, because I happen to love, adore and follow said storms with a camera.

Needless to say, I didn’t get restful sleep last night. I want to watch thunder-storms too much.

After that excitement, it’s almost a bit anti-climatic that I went with an awesome bunch of ladies, including my Mom, to several sewing stores, on a Shop Hop.  What’s that you say?

Well, several shops agreed to a scavenger hunt, of sorts, for those trekk-y trekkers, like us, who are willing to brave the sun, heat, humidity, and storms, hungry, pain, fear…wait, wrong show!  You get the idea!

Those who wished to Shop Hop, went to the participating stores to gather pattern, fabric scraps, and stamps on a ‘passport’. There is a grand prize, although I’m sure I won’t win, as I don’t plan on going to any more stores before the deadline.

A few of us, including yours truly, filled out info for a sewing machine drawing. I hope I win! Or, at least, my Mom. Then I can use it still! 🙂

So between the sleepless night, loud storms, wet weather, laughter, good times and a few miles down the road, today was a good day! Here’s a few highlights from it. 🙂


Our morning sunrise, after that wild storm last night.



I love the way the fog lingered in the mountains this morning.


My view, from the back of the van.


It’s tradition for us ladies to take pictures en masse in front of the stores. These two firemen where our knights in shining armor. P.S. They didn’t know they were captured a la Peggy style, hip shot! 😉


Of course, I found the Christmas fabrics in all four stores today. I am drawn to them. Hi, Flame, I’m Moth.



Some of my Moms sweet loot!


So there was my day. I always enjoy going out with these ladies, seeing the conception of a project to it’s completion. I usually get inspired and create another project myself. But this particular project, I can’t say! It’s hush hush! 😉


Sending you sewing thoughts and thunder wishes,


Monsoon Season Offers Many An Opportunity

Tonight I spent the early part of the evening outside, with my Mom and our cameras. A monsoon storm was a-brewin!

These are some of the pictures I got from tonights showing!


Some of the clouds were just beautiful, with a color that was unusual.

Some of the clouds were beautiful, with an unusual color to them.

Then I tried my hand at getting the strikes, and got many like this.

Then I tried my luck at getting the strikes of light, and got a few like this.


So while I waited for the lightening to get closer, I played with a star filter and solar lights.


Then, I got this beauty! Amazing.



The funnest part. The inner dialog while waiting for these photographs. It went something like this:


:deep breath out:
Relax Peggy, wait.

:restless shifting resulting in missing a shot:
I told you, patience. Relax dude…

:another deep breath out:
I have to pee

No I don’t I can hold it!

:shifts back n forth on her legs:

Focus, Peggy Jean!

:steadys arm on fence post:
You said you wanted to take these kinda pictures, so straighten up here kid.

YES! That was perfect!


See told you it was funnier inside my brain tonight! 😉

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I sure do!

Have a great night everyone!