Guest Posting Information

Hello! Thank you for your interest in writing a post for my blog. I look forward to seeing the words of wisdom, advice and fun you send me!

Here are the guidelines:

1. Please keep it to the topics that are similar to my own (I.E. Marriage, Faith, Housekeeping, Finances, Photography), if in doubt email me!

2. Keep the word count between 500-1000, please keep the language clean, be original and fresh. No older posts, if you’re a blogger as well.

3. Links!

No affiliated links, please.

Keep your external links to no more than 3. If you submit with more than 3, I reserve the right to eliminate the extra.

You may link to your blog, if you have one, once in your post.

4. You may add an image, but if it’s distasteful, I will delete it. If it’s too big I’ll resize it.

5. Once you submit a post to me, it becomes my property and may not be re-posted anywhere else, however you will still be credited with the content.

6. I will be going through your post before publishing it, to check for link errors, grammar flaws, etc. But please, check your own work before submission!

7. When submitting your post, please include your name and blog address.


If any of these guidelines are not followed, your post will be passed over! So double check before hitting send, y’all!


Submit your guest post to the following email:


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